Who am I and why should you care?

Who am I?

I am just one of thousands of liberal, educated, student-debt burdened women living in the United States. I am a solo attorney practicing Estate Planning law in Texas.

I am married to a financial analyst, who also has student debt, and we have two cats (Echo and Calypso) and a dog (Hera). I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. I played college soccer at Texas Tech and Berry College. I graduated from Berry College with a degree in Sport Psychology. I have an MBA from Texas Tech University and I received my law degree from Florida International University where I graduated cum laude.

Why should you care?

Because this is the real deal. I am going to put myself out there for the world and share details of my personal struggles whether they be economic, professional, interpersonal or emotional. I am not a public or political figure. I am just someone with something to say and I would be honored if you would listen.


I am a liberal–not necessarily a democrat–but these posts will inevitably be biased. I welcome well-reasoned discussions and comments and reliable source citation. I will not, however, tolerate any bullying of any kind and all users making personal attacks on this blog will be removed.

Nothing contained in this website should be considered legal advice.


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