Hillary Clinton

If you can’t beat ’em, villainize them.

Rick Perry’s latest campaign ad is ridiculous. It features a shadowy figure meant to represent Hillary Clinton sitting in a theater cackling at clips of Hillary speeches. It’s too weird to explain, so I’ve attached the video below:


Smear campaigns, in my opinion, are the tools of an unevolved dung slinger without any original ideas. It looks something like this:


As the 2016 presidential campaign heats up, I’m sure we’ll see more ridiculous ads like this. You would think republicans had learned a lesson in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections about what the American people are looking for in a leader. Give us some real plans, tell us what your issues are, and for God’s sake, act like a president. Would you want a boob like Rick Perry representing the American people? I know I don’t.

And let’s not forget that there is only one presidential candidate that is currently under criminal indictment for abuse of power and coersion and it isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Rick Perry mugshot

Peace and love.