Guest Post: Black History is Me

I have had the honor of meeting many brilliant minds and true friends along the way. Today’s guest post was written by my dear friend, Danielle Ivey. We attended graduate school together and she is a smart, successful, strong and beautiful woman and I am proud to share her work with you. Be sure to follower her on Twitter and Instagram: MissDeeva411. Enjoy!


Black History is Me

Countless women have gone before me.
Paving the path brick by brick.
Struggle. Tears. Hope. Triumph.

Theirs is the reflection I see staring back at me as I gaze into my own big brown eyes.

The fearlessness of Harriet Tubman as she leads her brothers and sisters to freedom.
The business prowess of Madame C.J. Walker, the first Black female millionaire.
An advocate like Dorothy Height, fighting for women’s rights and racial equality.

Brick by brick.
Art. Science. Education. Technology.

An unrelenting spirit like that of Shirley Chisholm, the first Black congresswoman.
An adventurous heart like that of Bessie Coleman as she made her dreams soar.
The style and class of Michelle Obama as she serves like no other Black woman has before.

Theirs is the reflection I see.
I do not stand alone because we stand together as one.
Character. Strength. Courage. Grace.

I am all of them and they are all of we.
We who aspire to greatness and stand in the face of adversity.
We who let the waters of hatred and injustice roll off our strong shoulders.
We who carry the torch, tear down walls, and light the path to a better tomorrow.

Theirs is the reflection I see.
Powerful. Tenacious. Intelligent. Creative.

I am Black History and Black History is me.

Danielle Ivey
February 2016


Peace and Love,